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Customization Flavors And Nicotine Strength

Customization Flavors And Nicotine Strength

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Discover the ultimate solution for a potent nicotine hit with OFRF's customization pouches. Take charge of your experience with our fully customizable options, tailoring your substance and concentration to match your exact preferences.

Explore various factors influencing your choice:

1. Nicotine Pouch Strength
Choose from three strengths—4mg, 8mg, and 12mg. Additionally, we offer a range of 3mg to 26mg nicotine pouches for a personalized experience.

2. Flavor Variety
Delight in a wide array of flavors, from refreshing mint and wintergreen to fruity and coffee options. Select your favorites and order directly.

3. Moisture Content
Opt for your preferred moisture level with three types of pouches—moist, dry, and semi-moist. Our innovative semi-moist pouches strike a perfect balance with specific value water content.

4. Can/Tin Sizes + Flavor Saver
Choose the quantity that suits you, whether single tins or convenient 5-pack rolls. Don't miss our Flavor Saver option.

5. Bulk Discounts:
Save on your pouches with our bulk discounts. For more details, contact our customer service for personalized information.

Premium Quality and Safety:
Prioritizing customer satisfaction and safety, our meticulously crafted pouches use high-quality materials. Each pouch is carefully sealed to prevent leakage, ensuring durability and reliability. Rigorous testing meets the highest industry standards.

Revolutionize Your Experience with OFRF Pouches
Ready to elevate your oral delivery experience? Discover the convenience and customization of OFRF Nicotine Pouches. Enjoy efficient absorption, controlled release, and the freedom to choose substance, flavor, and strength. Order your pouches today and take control of your experience!