Innovative product development with a focus on simplicity and functionality.
Massive investment in global branding to drive consumer confidence and product demand.
Generous lifestyle and sponsorship initiatives to drive end user brand affinity and expand global reach.
Superior distributor and retailer resourcing at all levels of market operations.
Amazing supply chain and logistics capabilities to service our partner needs in a timely fashion.
Outstanding global business and consumer service no matter how small you are.
Located in Shenzhen, our facility boasts cutting-edge machinery operated by skilled professionals. We take pride in producing and packaging all our products in-house, granting us complete control and the ability to monitor each step with precision.

At OFRF, ensuring the utmost quality for our consumers is our top priority, reflected in our customized quality control program. Our products undergo rigorous checks at multiple checkpoints, meticulously supervised by our staff prior to leaving the factory. Furthermore, we adhere fully to all prevailing food safety and hygiene regulations.
Our Factory
We are dedicated to advancing the Nicotine Pouch category through continuous innovation and the development of new formulations that cater to our consumers' needs. This commitment is embodied in the core of our operations—the factory, our state-of-the-art lab, and the foundation of our Research and Development department.

In our modern laboratory, equipped with the latest technology, we meticulously analyze all raw materials to ensure they meet our stringent standards, selecting only the finest. We exercise precise control over nicotine concentrations and scrutinize the nicotine release of our products. Collaborating with leading Aroma and Flavor manufacturers in Europe, we pioneer the development of new and exciting flavors for our products.
Our Lab