WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an Addictive Substance
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 Simplicity Is Everything GEAR RTA 

Single  Coil Build Deck For Fast Building

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Introducing Gear RTA

The Ultra Small  RTA That Packs a Powerful Flavor Punch

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Smooth Rapid Flavor

GEAR's ultra short air passage design and domed vaporization chamber deliver rapid vapor production and intense flavor.  

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Heat Resistant Drip Tips

Experiment and enhance your flavor experience. The Gear RTA comes  equipped with a 510 black frosted PC wide bore drip tip and a regular 510 PCM drip tip. No more hot lips.

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Gear RTA BG Section(4) - 副本-3

Easy Wicking No Loose Ends

Wicking your coil has never been easier with our tidy wick placement system.

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Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive
Gear RTA BG Section(5)-2

German PEEK Insulator

Fitted with an imported German PEEK insulator and 24k gold pin firing up your vape tank has never been smoother. 

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Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive


Becasue it looks awesome, professional and clean. It's lightning fast, powerful and easy to use.

Beautiful and Modern

The Gear RTA looks great on your favourite mod and the packs a powerful flavor punxh. 

Single Coil Build Deck

The Gear RTA is simple to use and is dsigned as a single coil build deck for builds..
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Ultra Short Air Passage

Sporting an ultra short air passage and domed vaporization chamber the Gear RTA delivers rapid vapor.
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Scratch Resistant

With a scratch resistant build deck your Gear RTA will  alaus look great
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Easy Screw System

Designed for easy of use the Gear RTA deck is equipped with easy screws for fast coil changes
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Easy Wicking

Never experience wicking loose ends with the Gear RTA's simple wick tucking holes your coil builds look amazing.
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Easy Coil Build Design

Coil building has never been easier. . The Gear accepts both clockwise and anticlockwise builds.
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Heat Resistant Drip Tips

The Gear RTA comes with two heat resistant drip tips so you can experiment and avoid hot lips.

German PEEK insulator

The Gear is fitted with an imported German PEEK insulator with a 24k gold pin.
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Just unpacked my new  new Gear RTA and gave it a test run. Wow this little beast lives up to the hype and truly delivers. Great flavor and thick vapor exactly what I was hoping for. Highly recommend the Gear.

Mark O’Rielly
Vape Fan

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