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nexMESH Sub Ohm Vape Tank - Sub Ohm The OFRF Way

May 26, 2019 10:35:05 PM

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  2. The science behind our conical mesh coil design
  3. Double vapor condenser for amazing flavor
  4. Unique wicking - TAS twin absorption system
  5. A1 Conical mesh coils
  6. SS 316L conical meh coils 
  7. nexMESH sub ohm tank safety features






Introducing the OFRF Conical Mesh Sub Ohm Tank

3Here we are, it’s hard to believe it’s only been six months and we have another ground breaking product ready for you, the vaping world to experience. Introducing the nexMESH Sub Ohm Tank featuring not only the worlds first conical mesh coil but a choice of two coils including the first conical temperature control enabled coil.

Welcome to the future of sub ohm vaping

2Powered by OFRF's triple density nexMESH technology our  new Conical Mesh Sub Ohm Tank is set to bust the world of enhanced flavor right open. 

With the vaping world awash with amazing flavors and new ones being developed every day, we here at OFRF set out to develop a device that does justice to all these marvelous juices by providing the vehicle to drive the flavors of these juices to their absolute limit.

The Science Behind Our Conical Mesh Tank Design

To understand what makes the OFRF nexMESH Sub Ohm Tank so different let’s first explore the science behind the design.

Powered by OFRF's nexMESH coil technology, our conical mesh delivers lightning fast ramp up speed. 

nexMESH has an innovate triple density mesh structure which creates a larger surface area for e liquid to touch the mesh. This increased surface area results in lightning fast heating as the increased density and small hole size allow the mesh coil to ramp up so much quicker.

However fast ramp up speed is only one part of the amazing flavor equation. 

 As you vape the unique conical structure of the coil maximizes bottom of the coil airflow intake. This combined with bottom up coil heating forces upward compression, condensing the vapor as it flows through the coil resulting in an unparalleled flavor burst.

Simply put, the unique conical coil and lightning fast ramp up synergistically combine to create a vapor compression pathway that speeds vapor delivery, producing a robust, thicker, richer va
por that explodes with flavor in your mouth. 


Double Vapor Condenser For Amazing Flavor

nexMESH Sub-Ohm Tank(5)-PNG-2

Dense vapor and incredible flavor!

To maximize  your flavor experience our unique top dome adds a second condensation chamber that further compresses your vapor resulting in a smooth, thick vapor that amplifies the flavor sensation.

Innovative Wicking - TAS Twin Absorption System

To further enhance your vaping experience, reduce spit back and1 avoid dry hits the nexMESH conical coil features a unique dual layer organic cotton. Incorporating two separated layers of cotton , the unique wicking system delivers rapid and consistent cotton saturation minimizing the risk of both oily lips or dry hits.

So now you have an overview of how this amazing flavor profiling sub ohm tank works, let's talk about about the coils. 

nexMESH Conical Mesh Coils

At the beginning of this post we gave you an introduction to the general science behind OFRF's conical mesh coil technology and how the combination on nexMESH's triple density mesh structure and conical shape delivers a dense flavor rich vapor. 

However at OFRF we understand that different people prefer different types of vaping experiences and that's why we've developed two conical mesh coils. One for wattage controlled vaping and one for temperature controlled vaping. 

nexMESH A1 Conical Mesh Coil

Coil-1Looking for a powerful, warm throat hit with massive vapor and amazing flavor, then this is the coil for you. Featuring a slightly thicker mesh weave and operating at resistance of 0.20 Ohms this coil delivers amazing flavor profiles at between 75w-85w.


nexMESH SS316L Conical Mesh Coil 

Coil-2Introducing the first conical mesh temperature control enabled coil. Ideal for those of you who prefer temperature controlled vaping the nexMESH SS316L  has a resistance of 0.15 ohms and delivers amazing flavor profiles without the risk of dry hit at between 350F-540F /  180c-280c .

If you're looking for  a smoother, softer sub ohm experience that still delivers a massive flavor hit then the nexMESH stainless steel conical mesh coil is the right choice for you. 

Don't have a temperature control mod but want to use the stainless steel conical mesh coil? Simply set your wattage control between 55W - 75W and experience the silky smooth flavor of your favorite juice. 

 nexMESH Sub Ohm Tank Safety features

At OFRF we are committed to vaping safety.  To ensure child protection and your safety against leakage the nexMESH sub ohm tank features a range of protective systems.


Top cap locking mechanism 

The top cap locking mechanism is designed to ensure that your e-juice stays where is belongs - in your tank , not your pocket.  The cap lock also features a click lock system to prevent a child from opening the top cap. 

Easy access filling port

Once opened the top cap features a large, easy access filling port that makes refilling your tank without spillage simple.  

Leak resistant silicon guard

To complete the anti leakage and child protection system the top cap also incorporated a food grade silicon juice guard that protects against leakage. With the top cap open you can turn the tank upside down without any e-juice escaping from your tank. 

The takeaway

If you're looking to amplify the flavor of your favorite e-juice then you need to give the nexMESH sub ohm tank a try. We guarantee you won't be disappointed. 

 What do you think of this innovative new sub ohm tank with the world's first conical mesh coils. 

Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

Happy vaping! 


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