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Rip Trippers Reviews nexMESH : The Most Flavor From a Vape?

Nov 10, 2018 8:46:41 PM

OFRF launched our first product nexMESH just a few days ago and since then the phones haven't stopped ringing as distributors, retailers and customers scramble in a frenzy to get their hands on this product.

What is nexMESH and whats all the hype about?

203(x)nexMESH is an innovative triple density mesh strip coil designed to be used with the Wotofo profile RDA. The coil is made from Kanthal A low resistance heating wire which delivers a coil resistance on 0.13 ohms while also supporting higher wattage mods or battery devices. This makes nexMESH ideal for sub-ohm vaping. 

How are nexMESH mesh coils different from standard mesh coils?

eip trippers nexMESH review 3As mentioned earlier nexMESH has been designed to work specifically with the Profile series RDA. The profile RDA comes from Wotofo with a standard mesh strip coil and while at a glace nexMESH looks very similar that’s where the comparison stops.


Triple Density Mesh Strip Coil

eip trippers nexMESH review 2If you put Wotofo’s standard mesh and nexMESH side by side you will notice that nexMESH has triple the hole density of a standard mesh coil and this is where the magic happens.

The triple density mesh actually increases the surface area of the coil resulting in lightning fast fire up and heating. However, this isn’t the only benefit of nexMESH.

The dense weave pattern of nexMESH means that the cotton wick also has more contact with the coil which in turn results in a more efficient vaporization of your vape liquid.

When you put these two features together, faster fire up and increased wick contact with the coil the result is a thicker,,richer vapor. 

What! No spit back?

A further advantage of nexMESH over standard mesh coils is that the combined influence of the triple density micro weave mesh, lightning fast fire up and increased wick contact with the coil which results in significantly reduced spit back.

According to the team over at Mountain Vapors , who were the first to review nexMESH, there is virtually no spit back.

Unlike traditional vapes that leave an oily residue in your mouth nexMESH's rapid heating and increased wick contact with the coil delivers a much cleaner vaping experience.

The result, according to top YouTube vape reviewer and influencer Ryan Hall is a smooth rich vapor with new accents of flavor that you can’t get from anything else on the market.

But that was just one opinion. So is it true? Is nexMESH really the next generation of vape coils?

Rip Trippers reviews nexMESH

eip trippers nexMESH review 1To answer this question we turned to industry icon and celebrity vape reviewer Rip Trippers for his opinion. Here it is.

nexMESH destroys the Wotofo mesh when it comes to flavor and vapor production. It's a huge difference.

So what was his explanation of why nexMESH in truly the next generation of mesh coils?

According to Rip Trippers the reason nexMESH delivers so much more in terms of flavor and vapor production is because of the micro weave of the triple density hole system in nexMESH.

Ant time you have the heating element covering more surface area, one your going to get more flavor and two your cotton is going to last longer

..it's because the holes are small and it covers more surface area and because it's covering more surface area you're going to get better flavor, more dense clouds and the cottons going to last a lot longer. - Rip Trippers

What vape settings does Rip Trippers use?

For his first test of the nexMESH Rip Trippers wicked his nexMESH with fireball cotten and set his mod to 55w with his airflow to about 3/4 open. What was his response after the first vape?

This is the best vape experience I've ever had. The profile RDA mixed with the nexMESH it is like wow ... no more than wow. I've said wow in the past but this is way better than that.
It is next generation man .. it is next, next level

Want to see for yourself.

Watch Rip Trippers  nexMESH review now. 


The Takeaway

nexMESH brought to you by OFRF is the future. Two industry experts agree that the micro weave triple density design of nexMESH delivers a vape experience like never before.

S what are you waiting for, go and grab nexMESH today.

Tired of spit back and a feeling of oily film in your mouth? Looking for something that really lives up to the hype and delivers in terms of both vapor production and flavor?

If the answer is yes then go and try nexMESH today. We guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Have you tried nexMESh. We'd love to know what you think so feel free to post your personal review in the comments below. 


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