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OFRF Vape Brand Launches E-commerce Store and Affiliate Program

Dec 20, 2018 8:08:00 AM

Hot on the heels of the successful launch of OFRF lifestyle vaping brand we are excited to announce the launch of our manufacturer direct e-commerce store and affiliate program.




Whether you're a vape customer who loves our brand, a vape reviewer, vape shop, e-commerce store, vape wholesaler or distributor our new e-commerce platform and affiliate program has something to offer you.

 The OFRF Vape Consumer Experience

As a consumer of OFRF vape products you can now not only enjoy the security of knowing you are buying authentic OFRF products but can also share in the rapid growth and success of the OFRF brand by becoming an affiliate seller.

If you love our products we want to reward you for sharing your experience with our products and spreading the word about OFRF vapes. As an OFRF vape affiliate you can earn 15% commissions on all sales you refer to our site and enjoy some unannounced bonuses and special deals only available to our affiliate partners.

If you want to earn money for sharing what you love join the OFRF vape affiliate program today.

The OFRF Vape Retailer, Wholesaler and Distributor Experience.

At OFRF we understand your time is important. For vape retailers, wholesalers and distributors you can now register for our partner program and enjoy the hassle free convenience of placing your orders online and gaining instant access to our partner resource library. 


At OFRF your business success is important to us and that's why we created the partner resource center. For both vape shop owners and wholesalers alike, you can save thousands of dollars on developing marketing and promotional resources and win back valuable time to focus on growing your business not working in your business.

As an OFRF partner we give you access to our resource center where you can instantly download a host of professionally developed marketing resources including website hero banners, shopping cart images, social media photos, product brochures and flyers, pre-written email campaigns and much more.

But that's not all. As an OFRF partner you also get to enjoy special tiered pricing and POS bonuses to help you grow your business fast. We also provide vape shops and e-commerce stores with a host of business development guides and resources to help you maximize your vape business marketing.

Ready to start growing your vape business with OFRF lifestyle vapes?

Vape Shops and e-commerce stores register here

Wholesalers and Distributors register here

The OFRF vape reviewer experience

 Rip Trippers Gear RTA review T

At OFRF we are constantly on the look out for talented new people to join our vape reviewers program. Whether you already review for us or are looking for an opportunity to demonstrate your talents, becoming an OFRF affiliate is a great way to increase your reviewer income.

Here's an overview of the OFRF affiliate program


OFRF Share-A-Sale Affiliate Program

  • 15% commissions
  • 30 day cookie


We offer one of the best paid affiliate commissions in the vaping industry. Period!

OFRF.com is a premium vape hardware manufacturer and online retailer of OFRF vapes, electronic cigarettes and vaping accessories. With high quality products direct from us, the manufacturer, our customer base is one of the fastest growing in the vape industry. We offer a robust affiliate program with dedicated affiliate account management alongside support and assistance to ensure the greatest level of success for all affiliates and partners within our program.

Highlights of our Program:

1. Average Order Price of $35 to $85 USD

2. Strong Conversion Rate

3. Prestigious and highly popular vape products

4. Low flat rate shipping (Excludes Certain Countries)

5. High Frequency Affiliate Newsletters and Creatives Updates

6. No Hassle Returns

7. Highly trained and professional dedicated affiliate account management

8. Best of all, we offer 15% commission on every order, every time the customer has made the purchase through your OFRF Share-A-Sale affiliate link, one of the best offers in the industry!

9. Cookie length is now 30 days!

The Takeaway

At OFRF our goal is to provide both great opportunity and amazing experience to our customers and partners. We are excited about the launch of our e-commerce store ans partner and affiliate programs and look forward to welcoming you to the OFRF partner community soon.

Happy vaping and business success.!




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