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OFRF Launches nexMESH SS316L Stainless Steel Coils

Jun 20, 2019 1:54:58 PM

At OFRF we are always looking to develop new tech to enhance the vaping experience and our latest edition to the nexMESH range of coils is no exception.

Introducing the nexMESH SS316L stainless steel mesh coil strip. Designed specifically for use with Wotofo's Profile series RDA and Unity RTA the SS316L is, we believe, the first temperature control mesh strip coil to enter the market.

nexMESH SS316L-shopping cartú¿800x800) (1)Like our original nexMESH strip coils the SS316L is engineered using our intricate triple density micro weave mesh which delivers incredibly fast ramp up and intense flavour production.

With 3 times the density of Wotofo's standard mesh, the nexMESH SS316L stainless steel coil, like it's big brother the nexMESH A1 Kanthal coil, not only provides a greater coil surface area, but also a more uniform heat distribution. The combination of lightning fast ramp up speed, greater coil surface area and even heat distribution combine to deliver a more consistent vaporisation of e-liquid and significantly improve the overall vape experience.

Are nexMESH coils really better?

The answer is quite simply yes, but rather than take our word for it read what top reviewers say about nexMESH coils or watch the video below from leading US vape reviewer and vape shop owner Ryan Hall from Mountain Vapors.


Which is better the SS316L or the A1?

When it comes to performance the nexMESH SS316L stainless steel coil and the nexMESH A1 kanthal coil are equals, however they are designed for different types of vaping. The A1 kanthal coil is designed specifically to be used with wattage controlled vaping whereas the SS316L is designed for use with temperature controlled vaping.  

With that said it's important to note that the SS316L can be used for either temperature controlled vaping or wattage controlled vaping, however the nexMESH A1 is not suitable for temperature controlled vaping. 

For full details of coil resistance check out the specifications below.

nexMESH Coil Specifications

nexMESH A1 coilsnexMESH A1 Kanthal Coil316

    • 0.13 ohm
    • 16mm by 6.8mm
    • 60 to 70W Recommended Range


nexMESH SS316 stainless steel temperature control vape coils packagenexMESH SS316L Stainless Steel

  • 0.15 ohm
  • Wattage Range: 50W – 80W
  • Recommended Wattage Range:65W – 75W
  • Temperature Range: 180℃-300℃ / 350℉-570℉

The Takeaway

There are a host of benefits that can be gained from switching to temperature controlled vaping including avoiding dry hits and experiencing a more consistent vape just to name a few. 

So why not give it a try with our new nexMESH SS136L mesh coils. 

Happy vaping ! 



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