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Why Vape Shops Should Partner With OFRF in 2019

Apr 2, 2019 11:26:41 PM

It’s been just over 3 months since OFRF launched and already the brand has cemented a strong reputation for the development of flavor enhancing products.

In early November 2018 OFRF stormed into the vape market with the flavor enhancing nexMESH triple density mesh coil technology. Designed specifically for the Wotofo profile RDA the mesh strips quickly became the talking point of every vape reviewer on the planet leading to a surge of interest in the brand from global distributors, retailers and end users alike.

With such buzz around the brand, the launch of the first full product ,the Gear RTA was greeted with much anticipation.

Could OFRF deliver on their promise of a flavor popping, high quality RTA tank?

Prior to launching the Gear RTA we knew we had a strong product. The combination of the ultra short air passage design ,single coil build deck and easy wicking system delivered not only on our flavor profiling goals but also on an enhanced user experience designed around simplicity of use.

But how would the Gear RTA be received by reviewers and the public?  To find the answer watch the video below now. 


 OFRF Gear RTA ranks in top vape products of 2018

According to top UK vape reviewer Vaping With Vic, the Gear RTA is the best flavor RTA of 2018 but he’s not the only one. Other key vape reviewers including top US influencers  SuckMyMod, Rip Trippers and Ryan Hall and many others all rated the Gear RTA in their top products of 2018.

As a new brand we are obviously excited about the overwhelming positive reviews and top product rankings especially considering how late into 2018 we launched the Gear RTA.

But it’s not only reviewers who are raving about the flavor punch of the Gear RTA. The OFRF social media pages and retailer websites are full of 5 star consumer reviews of the Gear RTA and the momentum behind the Gear RTA is showing no signs of slowing own.  

Customers give the Gear RTA a  5 Star rating

Gear RTA customer reviews


Why partner with OFRF?

OFRF retail partner program registration ctaIn a market where most products have a relatively short life, on average 8 to 10 weeks, the popularity of the Gear RTA remains strong and according to Vaping with Vic the Gear RTA will remain strong as one of the top RTA’s in the market well into 2019.

This is both good news for OFRF and our retailers. At OFRF our goal is not to release lots of products but rather to focus on developing high quality products that can hold their position in the market and provide retailers with the  confidence to partner with us as a sustainable brand.

However a focus on quality products is not the only reason to partner with us.

We understand that a key component of our brand success is  strong partnerships with our retailers and we're committed to helping our partners.

OFRF retail partners enjoy unrestricted access to our OFRF partner resource library which is packed with free professional high quality product images, website banners, promotional videos, social media posts, email campaigns, business education resources and more. 

 What can we expect from OFRF in 2019?

While for obvious reasons we want to keep our new product launches under wraps for now I highly recommend you subscribe to our blog as we have some big announcements and a brand new product coming very soon.

In the meantime you can expect to see a sustained array of consumer focused, brand marketing and awareness campaigns that we believe are going to propel us into the vaping spotlight in 2019.

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