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OFRF Vape Shop Gear RTA Point-of-Sale Display Giveaway

Mar 28, 2019 11:26:42 PM

Attention vape retailers because OFRF has a fantastic Gear RTA promotion that's guaranteed to attract your customers attention and help you move product fast.

As a sweetener, we've also put together a mini marketing plan and developed all the marketing resources to help you promote this offer to your customers, so read on to learn about this amazing offer and don't forget to check out our marketing plan below.

The Gear RTA vape shop POS promotion

Introducing the Gear RTA point-of-sale display and promotional merchandise pack. We're giving away free sales counter and in store point-of-sale promotional packs including LED vape tank display units, t-shirts, hats, mugs,counter mats and mouse mats all 100% free when you place an order for the Gear RTA.

If you're a vape shop retailer and your not selling the OFRF Gear RTA you're leaving money on the table. Reviewers and customers are raving about the OFRF Gear RTA and there's no better way to attract customer attention to this powerful little flavor banger than with a sales counter point-of-sale LED display unit.

To accommodate the sales volume and traffic of all vape shops, regardless of size we've put together two different Gear RTA POS packages.

Gear RTA POS Display Pack

Gear RTA Bundle Deal(1)

This package includes:

  • 6 x Gear RTA Vape tanks (one of each color)
  • 1 x OFRF LED vape tank counter display

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Gear RTA POS Jumbo Pack

Gear RTA Bundle Jumbo Deal(1)

This pack includes

  • 20 x Gear RTA vape tanks
  • 1 x OFRF LED vape tank counter OFRF t-shitsplay
  • 1 x OFRF cap
  • 1 x OFRF t-shirt
  • 1 x OFRF mouse mat
  • 1 x OFRF table mat
  • 1 x OFRF mug
  • 10 x OFRF leaflet

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OFRF Gear RTA Marketing Plan and Resource Kit

At OFRF we are committed to supporting our vape retailer partners with the promotion and sale of our products and this package is a perfect example of just how we do that.

Below are a few examples of how you can use our latest offer to drive your in-store sales of the Gear RTA.

Here's a simple action plan for smaller shops who purchase the Gear RTA POS display pack.

  • Unpack the LED OFRF vape tank display unit and place it on your counter next to your POS system. This will immediately draw customer attention to the product and create a natural talking point with your customers.
  • Next visit your partner resource center and download our Gear RTA videos. In this pack you will find a video summary from top reviewers. If you have an in-store screen upload it to your play list.


Gear RTA Retail partner resources


Here's the video. 


  • Share the video on your favorite social media channels with a message inviting your customers to come and check it out in your store.
  • Finally download the OFRF Gear RTA social media images pack and share an image a day to your social media channels. Add an inviting message or a link to your e-commerce store.

As an example you could make a post something like this.

GEAR RTA(15)1200x900


Top reviewers are calling the Gear RTA an absolute flavor banger. Visit us in store today to try it yourself but be quick as we only have six left. (your website link)

Here's another example social media post idea that creates a little hype and a sense of urgency to purchase. 

GEAR RTA(10)1200x900


Is this the best flavor RTA ? Everyone is raving about the Gear RTA so come in and try it today but hurry as they're flying out the door. (your link)

As an added incentive to buy the Gear RTA you could also consider offering this little flavor banger in a packaged bundle with a mod and an e-juice. Product bundling is a great way to deliver perceived value to your customers while also allowing you to move more product to an individual customer.

For larger vape stores the OFRF Gear LED display jumbo pack offer creates a multitude of different opportunities to drive in store traffic and or online customer engagement.

Apart from the promotional ideas listed above you could use the OFRF merchandise as giveaways to grow your social media following.

Alternatively you could create a sweepstakes offer for everyone who purchases a Gear RTA with one lucky customer winning the whole Gear merchandise bundle.

Another favorite of vape shops is to add a spinning wheel and when someone purchases the Gear RTA they can spin the wheel to win a prize.

There are many ways to leverage our POS merchandise pack to attract customers to your store and/or grow your online business. The idea is to get creative and give customers a reason to drop by your store on a regular basis.

The Takeaway

Even the most discerning of shoppers can’t help but be influenced by strong product displays and the OFRF LED vape tank counter top display is a great way to start a conversation with your customers.

If you have unused space on your vape shop sales counter, make this space work for you with the OFRF point-of-sale LED vape tank display.

Not a verified OFRF retailer? Register for our retail partner program and get your promotional kit today but be quick as this offer is limited.

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