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OFRF Gear RTA Does It Live Up To The Hype? Top Reviewers Give Their Verdict

Nov 22, 2018 11:32:15 PM

The OFRF Gear RTA is out but does it deliver? Top vape industry reviewers test the Gear RTA and give their verdict.

It goes without saying that our launch of the OFRF nexMESH next generation mesh coil created quite a stir in the vaping community.

Top reviewers are raving about it's thick smooth vapor and amazing flavor production, calling it a revolution in the development of mesh coil technology.

Customers are racing to retail outlets fighting to get their hands on it and our social media channels have been a constant buzz of activity as we continue to be flooded with questions about where to buy it.

As a new brand we couldn't have wished for a better launch. However a great vape brand isn't built on one product alone, but rather on the delivery of high quality product offerings across the full spectrum of vaping products.

This week we launched our second offering, the Gear RTA and the reviews are in. In just two days over 150 000 vape enthusiasts have flooded YouTube to watch industry experts give their verdict on the Gear RTA.

So what's the verdict, did it live up to both reviewer and consumer expectations?

Here's a snapshot of what top reviewers had to say about the OFRF Gear RTA. If you'd like to watch their full review simply click on the vape reviewers name. 

Ryan Hall Gear RTA review TRyan Hall 

Ryan Hall and his team tested the Gear RTA . Ryan set his mod at 45w and opened the airflow all the way and and here's he had to say..


OFRF has blow up out of nowhere. Very smooth lots of vapor production, the flavor is off the chain. I'm switching to an RTA.


SuckMyMod Gear RTA Review.T png

Suck My Mod

SuckMy Mod tried out the Gear RTA using his Drag with the Gear RTA airflow set to half open. What was his verdict?                                                         


This thing wicks really well .. the flavor has to be mentioned ...single coil, bottom airflow, mouth close to the coil - very very nice flavor.


Rip Trippers Gear RTA reviewRip Trippers

Rip Trippers tested the Gear RTA with a 0.32 Ohm coil from Ohmside and set his airflow to 3/4 open. So how does Rip Trippers think the OFRF Gear RTA performs? 


God the flavors you get off this I just can't boast about it enough - get it you will not be disappointed.


DJLsb Vapes Geear RTA Review IGDJLsb Vapes

DJLsb vapes tried the Gear RTA with his mod set at 50w. Here's his first impressions. 



Very easy to build -wicks and feeds the liquid very well, very efficient and flawless. Man, oh man the flavor is just banging on this.


Slave4red Gear RTA review

Slave4Red Reviews

OFRF has emerged from the darkness and the vaping community did not expect it, and has become widely known for everything they do! Whatever OFRF gets their hands on seems amazing so far, from the nexMESH to now a RTA. ...
I'm not getting any hot vapes off this at all, you're going to get lots of flavor off this.


MrJustRight1 Gear RTA review IG


MrJustRight finished the build and set his mod to 39w and half airflow. His verdict..


The flavor off this thing is actually pretty damn good. With the really small chamber this thing spells flavor.. Dam the flavor really shines.


The takeaway on the Gear RTA

While each reviewer's personal taste had an impact on their opinion on the overall look of the Gear RTA, and our drip tip design there is one thing to which they all agreed, the Gear RTA is a flavor beast that delivers a smooth vape rich in flavor textures.

Did we hit the mark with the Gear RTA?

Our goals with the Gear RTA were to:

  • produce a compact RTA that could be used on smaller, single battery mods but still deliver a flavor intensity usually only found in RDA's used with bigger mods.
  • deliver an easy wicking, easy build, single coil RTA perfect for both those new to rebuildables and advanced users alike.

From a brand perspective the vape expert reviews clearly demonstrate that we met our design and performance goals and if the comments from the swarm of eager customers commenting on the video reviews are an indication of demand for the Gear RTA, the Gear is set to be a market winner.

OFRF retail partner program registration ctaHow vape shops can order the Gear RTA

If you're a vape retailer looking for hot, fast moving products then partnering with OFRF and becoming an authorized OFRF retailer is a must. 

At OFRF we do things a little differently and have put together a comprehensive partner program that is already reaping rewards for those that join us. 

As an example one B2C vape e-commerce store joined our program and sold 1100 boxes of our popular nexMESH vape coils in just over two days and we are already seeing demand growing for the Gear RTA. 

 The OFRF Gear RTA

Gear RTA hero banner

The Gear 24Mmm RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) is a beautiful compact design rebuildable tank atomizer ideal for people on the move.

Gear RTA Build Deck Featuring a scratch resistant post-less build deck and designed for single coil builds, the build deck has four top mounted flat head screw terminals which can accommodate either clockwise or anti-clockwise performance coils. Each Flathead screw features an over-sized notch and is designed for quick and simple installation.

The Gear RTA sports a unique ultra-short air passage design, domed chamber and fully adjustable duel bottom air flow slots. The combination of these unique features delivers a vape experience rich in vapor density with amazing flavor that surpasses its rivals.

To enhance the vaping and design experience the Gear RTA comes with two glass tank options a 2.3ml E-Liquid capacity standard glass tube and a 3.5ml capacity smoked poly-carbonate tank section.

Gear RTA Easy top fillRefilling is also easy with two fill ports accessible through a threaded top cap. To complete the package the Gear RTA comes with two heat resistant drip tips, a 510 smoked black PC wide bore drip tip and a regular 510 Black Delrin drip tip.

The OFRF Gear 24mm RTA is an ultra-small rebuildable atomizer that packs a powerful flavor punch.  Built with a focus on simplicity and excellence in a portable package it delivers an RTA experience like no other.

Do yourself a favor and try the Gear RTA today!

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