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OFRF launches Gear RTA Giant Vape Shop Giveaway and Retail Partner Program

Nov 18, 2018 6:41:59 AM

Hot on the heels of the successful launch of our first product nexMESH OFRF brings you the gear RTA and with it a giant giveaway for vape shops and the launch of our retail partner program.

So, if you’re a brick and mortar vape shop, e-commerce store or vape retailer act fast because we’re giving 100 lucky vape shops the opportunity to put OFRF products on your shelf for free and at the same time experience the power of the OFRF retailer program.

So, what’s the catch? There is none. So, go ahead and register for the free OFRF Retailer Product Giveaway now. This package includes a retailer pack of 5 gear RTA’s and a complete done for you marketing resource pack. Total value over $1500 but this is only the tip of the iceberg.

At OFRF we are committed to helping small retailers succeed with our retail partner program. However, before I share with you the amazing benefits of this program first a little about the Gear RTA.

What is the gear RTA


OFRF Gear RTA collection


The Gear RTA is our first vape tank and top reviewers are already raving about it.

OFRF has emerged from the darkness and the vaping community did not expect it, and has become widely known for everything they do! Whatever OFRF gets their hands on seems amazing so far, from the nexMESH to now a RTA, Im excited to see whats next - Slave4red Reviews


Gear RTA features

  • Single coil build deck for fast builds with a scratch resistant surface to keep your RTA looking great.
  • Easy tightening screw system and cotton wicking wells for a tidy build with no loose ends
  • Ultra short air passage design and domed vaporization chamber for rapid vapor production and intense flavor.
  • Imported German Peek insulator with 24k gold positive pin
  • Two tank and drip tip options to experiment and maximize your vaping experience.


What is the OFRF retailer program

The OFRF retail partner program is a new B2B business model designed specifically to meet the needs of small vape retailers and it comes with a host of amazing benefits.

At OFRF we understand the challenges of small vape shops. Here’s just a few.

  • Can’t afford to purchase large quantities to access volume buyer discounts
  • Can’t compete on price with big online retailers
  • Don’t have the skills to develop great marketing resources
  • Don’t have the time to invest in marketing your business properly
  • Struggle to attract traffic to your vape business

Do any of these sound familiar.?

We already know the answer and that’s why we developed the OFRF retail partner program. So, here’s how it works and how it benefits your small vape business.

How does the OFRF retail partner program work?

The OFRF retail partner program is available for small to mid size brick and mortar vape shops, vape retailers and e-commerce stores. It is very different to a traditional wholesale channel so keep reading to explore the key benefits of buying direct from us.

Vape shop conslutantWhen you join the retail partner program the first thing that happens is you’re introduced to your exclusive vape business growth consultant who will work with you to help you grow your business.

Next you will be given your password to get instant access to our partner resource center where you will get instant access to a host of done for you marketing resources to help you market your OFRF products and start attracting more customers to your business.

Inside the retail partners resource center, you will find:

Hero Banners

Gear RTA hero banner

 Professionally designed website hero banners for your e commerce store. The banners come in two styles to suit the needs of different websites. The first banner style is a 100% complete banner including add copy written on the banner.

For those of you who have hero sliders where you can add SEO text overlay we also provide background only banners

Finally, for those of you who have a graphic artist in your team we will also include the full Photoshop file, so you can further customize your hero banners.

 CTA Banners

gEAR rta CTA PINProfessionally designed CTA banners that you can place in the sidebars of your website, embed within your blog posts or anywhere else you wish to use them.

The CTA banner pack includes a range of different sizes to suit different website designs and like the hero banners comes with a full range of options and psd file.



E-commerce images pack

 Geae RTA e -commerce store image pack

 Forget having to take product photos for your e-commerce store. At OFRF we’ve done it for you. Every product comes complete with a selection of high-resolution shopping cart images


Social Media Images 

gear RTA socail media images pack


We understand that as a small business you don’t have the staff or the time to focus on creating great social media posts. However great social media pages with the right types of messages and graphics can attract a lot of potential customers to your store with our copy and paste social media packs activating a successful posting strategy has never been easier.

There’s a pack for every product but of course we will be updating each product’s social collections on a regular basis to give you the fuel you need to engage your social communities and drive traffic.


Email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic and increase sales and once again we’ve done all the hard work for you. To help you promote each product we have developed 3- -5 message professionally written email marketing campaigns. Simply add the links to your store, send to your list and increase sales.

 But wait there’s more. Remember earlier in this post I indicated that one of the biggest challenges for small vape retailers is the inability to compete with big online retailers.

The main reason for this is that as a small retailer you simply can’t meet the minimum order quantities required to secure the low prices that are afforded to big distributors.

At OFRF we’ve got a game plan to help you overcome this big challenge and this and other benefits are outlined on our retail partner extended benefits section below.


OFRF retail partner program extended benefits

Wholesale pricing based on LTV

The biggest extended benefit of our retail partner program is our graduated pricing system. We know you can’t make big purchases but what if your lifetime purchases were the determining factor in your pricing?

At OFRF we have set our retailer pricing based on your total lifetime purchase volume and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to move between levels to start accessing unit or piece pricing usually reserved for big distributors.

So as an example, when you first join you will pay our standard piece price that any wholesaler pays for between 10 and 200 pieces. However, once you reach a purchasing milestone you will then qualify to become a bronze partner and be rewarded with a % discount on all purchases you make until you hit the next lifetime purchase history milestone and qualify for our silver partner membership.

Also, as you move between levels you don’t only get rewarded with loyalty discounts, but you also unlock other bonuses that we will outline once you join the program.

To get full details click on the banner below to download our retail partner handbook now.

OFRF vape shop partner program


 Business and marketing training

At OFRF your success is our success and we want to help you not only achieve your sales goals but exceed them. As a member of our retail partner program you will get instant invites to our online business and marketing webinars.

Now let me tell you these webinars are powerful and if you search online the cost of high-quality business training webinar subscriptions is often in excess of $2000 and up to $10 000 or more. But as an OFRF retail partner they’re free.

In these webinars we will share with you the exact strategies we use to market and grow our business and share how other vape shops just like you are killing it in their local area with smart marketing.

Of course, if you can’t attend e will upload replays in our partner resource center so you can watch or replay them at a time most convenient to you.


Authorized seller certificate and shop listing

To help you build trust either in store or online every shop that purchases direct through us will receive an authorized re-seller certificate.

Also your shop will get a listing on our global store locator to help our website visitors access our products from a local retailer.


How do you join the OFRF retail partner program

It's simple to join the OFRF vape retail partner program. Simply click on the button below to compete your vape business registration and one of our friendly account managers will contact you to get you set up.

Become a Partner Now

We look forward to partnering with you.

The Takeaway

At OFRF we are working hard to create great opportunity and more of an even playing field for local vape shops and vape retailers to compete with giant wholesale buyers who can always beat you on price.

We are excited about our retail partner program but of course we are always looking to improve and add more features to assist local vape shops.

If you've got any great ideas or suggestions we'd love to hear them so please feel free to add your ideas in the comments section below.

To your local vape shop success!


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